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Brian Baker (of ATA Construction) was contracted b.., 05-28-2013 07:47AM

By: Michael Massey

Brian Baker (of ATA Construction) was contracted by my property manager (Century 21 Friends) in late July 2012 to repair water damage to my home in Rolla Missouri. I currently live in Iowa and my Missouri home is rented until such time as my job completes in Iowa and I move back to Missouri. On several occasions in the earlier part of the repair process, Baker requested substantial funds to buy materials for my home repair. I provided those funds out of my own pocket as my former insurance company (State Farm) required quite a large amount of documentation/information to process claims checks. During this time Baker was in constant communication with me by text and cell phone. He initially gave the status of repairs and when he would finish those series/sets of repairs. As the job progressed, the consistency of communication fell off as did the progress and workmanship of repairs. Pictures I asked for, and Baker told me he would send so I could gauge the level of repair, were sent on only two occasions – and this only after I asked for them 6/7 times. All communication from Mr. Baker eventually stopped after the final payment was made September 12, 2012 yet repairs were not complete! The only way I was able to glean information from Baker after September 12, 2013 was by constantly calling/texting him - sometimes he would reply, sometimes not. The job I hired him to complete was (and still is) incomplete. As part of the repair process, he was also contracted to repair woodpecker holes in three separate locations around my house, charged me $266 to do so and for the next several months gave me his word and/or promised me he would repair the damage on seven (7) different occasions. Unfortunately Baker’s word and promises did not (and still don’t) mean much – the holes are still there. Additionally this past week when I drove 400 miles to assess the workmanship of Baker, his company and the expertise of his crew, I was floored by his inattention to detail. I noticed the following:
1. The carpet he used in the downstairs bedroom looked similar but was from another lot as the join line for both pieces was very noticeable
2. The floor by the upstairs porch door bounces up and down when it is stepped on as the subfloor was not correctly done - the fake tile laminate he used by this same porch door was not attached by the tongue-in-groove (the tongue and groove portion was sawed off) so separate sections, which aren’t connected by the tongue-and-groove, also bounce up and down
3. There are noticeable gaps in the new kitchen cabinets as he did not level the first one properly
4. He did not remove the old kitchen countertops – they are still in the garage
5. He stained new kitchen cabinets incorrectly and they did not match the older ones still in the kitchen
6. He took weeks to re-hang doors in my home as he did not consider that work to be important even though I had renters living in the home
7. He lost one of the fluorescent ceiling light f

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