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This Vet and his staff are A-1 in our book. We ha.., 03-12-2011 03:52AM

By: folz

This Vet and his staff are A-1 in our book. We have four strays, 2cats and 2dogs, that adopted us, and all four have been seeing Dr. Mark for the last four years for emergency visits as well as yearly checkups. I have never met a vet who is so compasionate and laid back as Dr. Mark. He immediately puts my animals at ease, and his staff is wonderful. His rates are outstanding for the care he gives!

We are new to this area being Military and had an .., 09-18-2009 05:54AM

By: Debra Fowler

We are new to this area being Military and had an emergency come up with my toy poodle who was in the middle of labor. I called EVERY vet around the area within a 30 mile radius and NOONE would see her since she was not an established patient of theirs, she means the world to me and Dr. Mark Ranney was so kind as to see it was indeed an emergency and to get her in within an hour. Not only are their prices very reasonable but the manner in which they care for pets is OUTSTANDING to say the least. I would trust him with all of my dogs and thanks to him I still have my poodle that successfully had 4 puppies prior to going to him then thanks to him delivered another that was still there 2 days later with no luck from pushing almost constantly. He tried giving her a shot to make her contractions harder as he was not just in it for the money because he could have easily dont a c section on her but opt'd to use the prior method first and give her an hour to see how it went. Although we lost that puppy it was not his fault she was just exhausted from pushing for so long and having 4 others. So if you are looking for a vet for any reason this one I would HIGHLY recommend because he actually CARES unlike the other ones in the area apparently.
Thanks so much to Dr. Ranney and his staff for saving my little girl and treating her so well, also for being so kind as to patiently listen to a concern of mine about her milk production days after and instead of telling me to bring her in gave me options of calcium prior to having to make the trip and pay another fee. His advice worked just like the first time. He will be our family Vet as long as we are here and I will recommend him to all Military families that as anyone should realize have not been able to establish pet care because of just arriving to the area. It is so nice to see that a vet still does what I have always felt they went into the practice for, CARE for the animals and want to help them. You guys are awsome and have restored my faith in Vet's after all the calls made from Saturday- Monday when I finally found your office. The others just wanted either to not see her or to do an immediate csection at might I add a fee in excess of 4 times more than this doctor was going to charge to do the C Section if it came down to it. Such a shame so many just worry about money instead of trying to save lives of loved pets that deserve treatment

Debra Fowler
Waynesville, Mo

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