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January 9 of this year, I found myself stranded on.., 08-09-2012 06:41AM

By: Paula Speraneo

January 9 of this year, I found myself stranded on I-44, with my car spewing oil out the exhaust. Parked on the shoulder, buffeted by cars and semis passing constantly, I won't go into all the fears that attacked me at that point. It seems hard to remember that we used to cope with these types of things before cell phones, but I'm certainly glad I had one that day.

My road service provider called a shop in Cuba, Certified Towing, and I was soon rescued and towed into their shop. Ever wary of those who might take advantage of an older woman traveling alone, I was soon reassured by the two young men who poured over (and under) the car, looking for the problem. Staying to work late, missing their dinners (again), they had me on my way within a couple of hours.
Just wanted to be sure you and the community know what a treasure you have in the folks that work that repair shop. Kudos!
Paula Speraneo
West Plains, Mo.


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