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From: Lawrence Rosier Retired Management Consultan.., 05-19-2009 11:20PM

By: Lawrence Rosier

From: Lawrence Rosier Retired Management Consultant 573 364 8789 12143 Cedar Grove Rolla Mo. 65401
Government Reform Website:
Please read Article 111. on Rolla Middle School and the complete Article 108.

Extract of Article 108. Making Total Quality Management Work in Education

Total Quality Management is known mostly as the Japanese management method that enabled Honda and Toyota to take market share from American auto manufacturers using superior quality. State education because of its many facets and problems is an even better application of TQM than the automotive industry. Many state educators would ague that they are already doing TQM. That is probably true as a stated goal but TQM puts massive focus on education including: parents as teachers, community and business involvement with extra focus on the classroom where it counts.

Begin by forming a Classroom Quality Team (CQT). Each curriculum area English, history life Sciences and others would have their own CQT. The CQT would meet as required more often at the start of the semester and maybe once a month later. The CQTs are qualified to determine their own curriculum eliminating the need for a curriculum coordinator. While we are doing this we may as well eliminate the paperwork that the coordinators do. We should keep the measures used for student progress they determine success and failure not only of the student but of the entire system. A Key element for maintaining teaching quality is the support given to inexperienced teachers through the CQT. Experienced teachers should submit their best lesson plans to the CQT for review and documentation as a standard set of lesson plans to be shared with new teachers. This solves a critical problem for new teachers who don’t have the time or the experience to develop their own lesson plans. The CQT would continually evaluate and improve their teaching methods in relation to student achievement.

Now let’s talk about parental involvement first I am not talking about parents who support school sports. This is good thing but most parents don’t get involved until they can be entertained. High school is too late even grade school is not soon enough. We know that learning starts at birth and maybe even before. We also know that the fastest learning for a child is in his brain development years from birth to two or three years old. This is the age where the parents critically affect the education of the child. If we are going to address TQM of education this is where we should begin. A Parents As Teachers organization is the minimum that should be done. This program and other early efforts is a critical part of TQM and must not be ignored. This all occurs before kindergarten. After students start grade school get parents to pledge to shut off the TV for a couple of hours each evening and sit down with their kids for study time.
The next critical area is in class sizes and teaching students to write.

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