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 All I can say is WOW, 05-24-2016 10:09PM

By: Chris

I do not like buying cars and in the past have had mixed experiences with car sales people. I have very rough credit and a bankruptcy and being turned down at other dealers I expected the worst However in my recent dealings with Kingdom KIA it turned out that we had a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Thanks to Brittany in convincing me to come and give them a try and the salesman Deon overall were delightful to deal with and helped us into a beautiful Sedona. I would not hesitate to go back. And if shopping for a new car, I highly recommend this dealership.

 Shady people with lots of lie... all 5 star reviews were paid for! Beware!, 05-09-2014 10:02AM

By: Gregory

unlike most other people on here who have only had experience with not getting approved for a car I actually have... i purchased a used vehicle from here in 2011 my salesman phill Crabtree on the passenger side of my vehicle was a cracked or broke lose piece of the rocker molding under the door I asked about it being fixed & he said oh yeah we had someone else looking at this car just yesterday & I asked they said it could be fixed no problem... ok I thought... i asked if It had bluetooth & Onstar since it was a malibu & was a 2010 & had all the buttons to make calls & stuff on the steering wheel which I was so glad when they said yes its bluetooth & onstar capable so I made the deal traded off my old gas guzzling suv to which they never test drove I signed all the papers and went home in a new to me car... i couldn't get my phones bluetooth to pair to the car... i followed all the instructions when I went back the next week to get the molding fixed I was told they had ordered the wrong paid color & mentioned not being abel to get my bluetooth paired after a bit he came back & told me they were going to order the right paint color & I could come back next week as for bluetooth & onstar it would require an aftermarket mirror to make it all work...He also added that my old vehicle was going to cost 3000 bucks to repair apparently the breaking system was about to fail... i asked price on the mirror & was told no more than a hundred dollars probably around 75 bucks I said ok order it I want it...ok... halfway home he called & said there was another paper I had to sign keep in mind this is an hour drive for me... i went back & filled it out to which i was promised anouther tank of gas which made two since I was already promised one for them ordering the wrong paint color now since I had to come back I would get anouther.... next week I went back phill was busy so I went to the maintenance counter & told them I was here for my x time appointment to have my molding fixed to which they replied they didn't have an appointment for me nor did phill have one on the books for a customer they sent someone out to look at it & said this could not be fixed it had to be replaced due to metal being in it or some such crap...i could get it at the dealer cost which apparently ment I had to pay for it at the price they would pay for it... almost 500 bucks... As for the mirror I had to drive to Saint roberts & have it installed at best buy & it was 375 bucks not 75.. i complained to the sales manager phill called me a liar right there on the sales floor & said he wanted me out of the dealership for lieing so much to which the sales manager told me he would believe phill over me anyday over anyone else in the whole dealership... went back after hearing credit amnesty get two kia souls for 222 a month as long as I bring home 350 a week I'm approved was told no they were at the mercy of the lenders I said false advertiseing... Also the 5 star were paid for with 100 bucks

I purchased a Kia Optima last year from Kingdom Ki.., 09-04-2013 05:58AM

By: T Wink

I purchased a Kia Optima last year from Kingdom Kia. The car is great but this was the worst car buying experience in my life. They tried to double team me with the good salesman/bad salesman routine. They held on to my trade-in car keys. They would make you sign a hand written statement every time you made an offer to bind you to a deal if the manager would agree. They drug out the process for hours. When we could not strike a deal, the salesman finally gave me back my car keys but would not shake my hand. As my wife and I walked back to our car, the salesman followed us to our car, physically blocked my car door and coaxed us back into the dealership for a "better deal". They also applied a lot of pressure about the survey that I would receive even though I explained to them that I was unhappy with their sales staff. They just wanted their 9 or 10 rating even though they did not deserve it. My business partner also purchased a truck from them. She had the same experience. She actually purchased a truck from them. They called her back to the dealership to "sign" a few more papers and they told her they could not get her the interest rate they promised. She gave them the truck back and left. She and I work with the public and car buying does come up. We tell everyone to steer clear from Kingdom Kia. If they are set on a Kia, we recommend Springfield or St. Louis Dealerships.

You guys must be mad that you could not get financ.., 11-05-2012 05:03AM

By: Melanie

You guys must be mad that you could not get financed without money down. I have pretty bad credit and I put a couple hundred dollars down for a brand new car and everyone helped me tremendously. From my salesperson Jimmy, to Jon in finance. They were all very helpful and friendly. People, beware of bad reviews. A lot of people get on here when they are mad, but not many happy people do. I researched them before hand and was a little skeptical because of what everyone said, but these reviews proved them wrong. Everyone was GREAT!!! If you have rough credit, try them! I got a low interest rate, brand new KIa, and 10 year/100k mile warranty!!!!!

I can not even think of a way I could have been tr.., 11-05-2012 03:34AM

By: Kristina B

I can not even think of a way I could have been treated better! I was a little nervous to make the purchase( My first New car), but from the minute I walked through the doors i felt important! I have never been treated so well while car shopping. Phil and Paul were the gentlemen that worked with me and I feel like they did all they could to get me the perfect 2013 Kia Soul! I have NEVER been this happy with a car purchase! I feel like the people at Kingdom Kia really went out on a limb to try to make me a happy returning customer! Indeed I will be just that!! I have told everyone I know about my pleasant experiance with Kingdom Kia! Keep up the good work! Phil and Paul I thank you guys for all your hard work!! You really made a happy Kia owner out of me! You are all great at what you do keep it up! Also couldnt have been possible without the hard work of Jon Reed in the Finance Department!! You guys are awesome! The crown looks great on my back glass! I wear it proudly!!!

After reading the reviews on here, I was very very.., 11-04-2012 02:58PM

By: Andy H.

After reading the reviews on here, I was very very skeptical about wasting my time and driving from the FLW area to Rolla to look at some cars when there are nearby Mazda/Ford/Chevy dealerships, but I am so glad I did!!!

My car had some problems and it was time to buy a new vehicle but I still had a lien on my car. I really didn't have a plan on what I was going to do with it other than try to finish paying it off and hopefully sell it for how much it would have cost to fix it while buying a used A to B type car, however, Kingdom Kia not only payed off the lien on my car and used it as a trade in but I also got a really great deal on a brand new Kia!! Yes!! I was so glad I went there. The staff was very friendly, and helpful in my situation. If I can get a new car (given my current situation), anyone can!

Buyer Beware!

Youn and inexperienced sales staff..
, 10-01-2012 07:49AM

By: Greg

Buyer Beware!

Youn and inexperienced sales staff, poor quality service, and a host of other questionable things with this place.

1) Do not surrender your trade in car keys until you have decided upon a vehicle, and you are sure you want to buy from them.
2) They want to "hold" the keys and its a subtle ploy to kind of keep you there.
3) Don't waste time with the saleman, he/she isn't a decision maker, they are a key holder/info person on the car, not the deal, not the APR, not the trade in, etc. It's essentially a waste of time talking to them.
4) Get your own financing before you come into the store, or they will take forever to get your credit ran, and then waste your time waiting on what they will offer you for your vehicle (They will under value your vehicle as best they can).
5) The saleman I had was frinedly but clueless, wrong information, and just used delaying tactics to stretch out my wait time and make me eager to buy.
6) The next guy before the closer was rude, and talked to me like I'd never bought a car before. Note: Hey genius, your lot had me sitting for several hours, low balled, wasted my time and you were rude.
7) They had a falling out with the couple in the next booth to me and the couple commendted on the same issues I had with them, and the couple walked out after having to "ask" for their keys. I listened to them and after getting the same "you're just an idiot treatment by the "middle man." I took my business elswhere.
8) I got a rude call the next day from the salesman, and he was rude, he "said - You Never Gave My Guy A Chance To Beat (Insert dealers name where I bought my new FORD) their deal. I told him they had me for almost 3 1/2 hours and they undercut my car dramatically and theat if they couldn't close in that amount of time, why should I come back? Note to that Genius - You were polite during the first part of the sale but your middle guy was rude and talked down to me. Hence, no sale. Later you were rude to me on the phone, if your guy is bsing me, why should I come back?
9) I test drove 4 cars at FORD in 2.5 hours, and walked out with a great car and no strong arm tactics. The salesman didn't follow mw around, badger me, or bs me. He was squared away.
10) If you are military in this area, I'd suggest you look elsewhere (my oppinion). I wasn't impressed in any way, shape, or form.

My experince with Kingdom Kia, what a nightmare!! .., 08-10-2012 02:09PM


My experince with Kingdom Kia, what a nightmare!! I went to Kingdom Kia to buy an used vechicle and I was looking at a Prius and a Yaris. I told the 1st girl that I only wanted to spend a certain amount and I didnt want her to waste my time, so I got a new sales person. A very aggressive sales lady... When I asked this lady how much the cars were she said: "Prius high tens and Yaris mid tens".
How can this place be an honorable business? The Yaris was a 2009, 40k miles, w 2 accidents on the FOX car report and i offered 12k. Weeks later I found out they had me approved for almost 15k for that car.
Still to this day I dont know how much those cars really costed, not that I care anymore, but Kingdom Kia has treated me poorly and it did so with 2 other soldiers I work. SO ATTENTION S O L D I E R S!!!! Kingdom Kia will not take care of your needs

We have had great service and are always met by fr.., 08-07-2012 03:07PM

By: Debra Johnson

We have had great service and are always met by friendly employees. Recently we needed body repairs and they were very helpful getting us to a repair shop.

We purchased a used Lincoln MKX from Kingdom Kia i.., 05-09-2012 03:53AM

By: Les Luther

We purchased a used Lincoln MKX from Kingdom Kia in June 2011.The sales staff and finance manager were excellent and made the buying experience great. Since then the service dept. has been very good. Would recommend this dealership to anyone.

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