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I had an SUV and wanted something that would get b.., 05-04-2012 03:55AM

By: Shannon Barton

I had an SUV and wanted something that would get better gas(I got the SUV through them as well). I loved the new Kia Optimas body style. I worked with Brian and Paul and they both were great! This would be our fourth car through them and wouldnt go anywhere else(not because of issues with any of them).Thanks for working with us! I LOVE my NEW CAR! We have also referred his parents and my co-worker and they both got great deals and great service!!!!

All I can say is WOW !
This place is wonderful and..
, 03-13-2012 10:05AM

By: Tom Reynolds

All I can say is WOW !
This place is wonderful and magical. I had been turned down and a couple of other places and was very reluctant to try again. Jack called me and convinced me to give it a try again and so I did. I went to Kingdom Kia and met with the Manager Steve and he had me work with salesman Paul. After a few struggles that Paul and Kingdom Kia would not give up on they were able to help me get into a very nice used car that is running like a champ. Thank You for your persistance in finding the right bank to let me have my car. You will get my recomendation every time someone asks about buying a car. Sometimes it pays to have a little patience and it may have taken a few days but they went the extra mile for me and my family. Tom

Great Experience!! Remember no one is perfect and .., 02-23-2012 01:47PM

By: Tom Hibbins

Great Experience!! Remember no one is perfect and everyone will have different experiences. The online reviews made me hesitate to come into Kingdom Kia, but most of my Friends told me it was a good place to go. I was surprised everyone was professional and actually very nice. Thank you Jimmy and Paul for helping me get into a New Kia Rio. :)

The worst service i had ever experienced in a car .., 10-12-2011 01:09AM

By: worst service ever

The worst service i had ever experienced in a car dealership!

I had a great experience with kingdom Kia, I was w.., 05-09-2011 09:05AM

By: Scott

I had a great experience with kingdom Kia, I was worried because of the mixed reviews but found the experience very professional and good. They helped me get into a New Kia Soul, which I did not expect because of not having the best credit! :) Thank you Kingdom Kia for you help and I am soo enjoying my New kia!! :)

My husband and I have had a terrible experience at.., 03-27-2011 09:40AM

By: Michelle Scott

My husband and I have had a terrible experience at Kingdom Kia. After visiting the dealership and being approved for financing, we were ready to purchase a vehicle. We were driving from far away so we called ahead to ask about a vehicle we saw on the website. We were told the vehicle was available and to come on up. After arriving at Kia, we were told the vehicle (which had been at the West Brothers Sullivan lot) sold and there was only one vehicle that we would qualify for, which was not what we wanted and had mechanical problems. We left and decided to drive to Sullivan the next morning. We found that the original vehicle we wanted had NOT sold and we bought it. West Bros was wonderful, but Kingdom Kia lied and tried to sell us a lemon. Our salesman was Steve who just simply lied. We will never shop there again.

I had a wonderful experience with Kingdom Kia buyi.., 12-14-2010 06:14AM

By: Kasie Wiliams

I had a wonderful experience with Kingdom Kia buying my new Sorento. After dealing with Suntrup Kia in south county and being treated like crap it was really refreshing having such wonderful customer service from Phil and every employee we dealt with. Phil was very upfront with us and didn't try to lie to us to make a deal. When I told him that we needed to talk about it he never once tried to pressure us into buying that day, even though we did end up driving off in a new sorento. My sister bought a new vehicle from them and raved about how wonderful they were but I didn't believe her so I tried another Kia dealership closer to me and they treated me like crap and were very rude to me. When I told them I needed to think about it the salesperson said well why did we even run your credit and then the finance manager tried to get us into a vehicle we didn't even want because we wanted our payment to not exceed a certain amount. I am so grateful that Kingdom Kia was so wonderful and should have gone there first like I had planned on to.

I called in good faith to check on a truck my fri.., 05-13-2010 02:32PM

By: jim

I called in good faith to check on a truck my friend traded and was lied to. The salesman Adam lied straight through his teeth. I will inform everyone I know how crooked this dealership is. If you have to lie to selj7jjl a vehicle then the public needs to know. I intend on filing a complaint so the dealership is put off limits to the military. Beware of these lieing losers!

I have just talked with the Attorney Generals offi.., 04-26-2010 09:05AM

By: Rhonda Dale

I have just talked with the Attorney Generals office regarding the radio ad that was on KMOX 95.3 last week. These people are breaking the law with deceptive advertising and bait 'n switch routines.
Under BBB website they have had numerous complaints and also had numerous ones with the state AG's office. I strongly encourage anyone who has been ripped off or mislead to file a complaint with the MO Attorney General.
I will not ever go there...much rather walk than to buy a car from them ever!
Deception in advertising, lies and more lies and no follow through at all. The salesmen cannot even answer simple questions they refuse to give you a straight answer in regards to financing and warranty issues. RUN as fast as you can...

This brand new Kia dealership is rapidly getting a.., 08-20-2009 06:42AM

By: Stu Withanewkia

This brand new Kia dealership is rapidly getting a bad reputation. They are already known for unkept promises, lies from salesmen, obtaining the keys to trade in vehicles, and refusing to surrender them when customers decide they dont like the deals they are getting, only to be continnually offered a slightly better deal untill a deal is struck. The deal offered is usually wrapped in lies and promises which fall thru for the consumer unknowingly to him (or her) untill the deal is over. In the case of 2 people I know they had a deal, only to be told the financing didn't go thru and they needed to return, only to find a worse deal, either more money down was needed or the loan was extended an additional year. 1 of those prople actually got an acceptance letter from the original bank which had approved him for financing, after he was told by the salesman his deal didn't go thru. everybody I talked to who had bought a car from here was also told to lie on a consumer survey from Kia main office, and rate this dealership a "9" or a "10" as it was explained to them anything less than that score is a failing score. Some lied in an unsucessfull attempt to collet on promises made. Others told the truth on the survey, and were told this is the reason why they were not going to keep promises. My experience shopping here was typical and appears to be the same as most people. I cannot reccomend this dealership to anybody. I see on the internet they are now offering a lifetime warranty, and it would not suprise me if that is also a lie as well. For a new car dealership, in a declining economy one would think this buisness would do everything they could to gain a good reputation, considering a good reputation takes a long time to get, a bad one however can be gained practically overnight, and can take a long time to get rid of. On a final note I called to check on my complaint on post (Ft Leonardwood, MO) and I am told that this buisness is under review, and may be placed off limits to soldiers here. I wish I had known these thiungs before I bought my brand new Kia!

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