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The only good thing about Phelps County Bank is th.., 09-08-2009 09:23AM

By: Sashank

The only good thing about Phelps County Bank is they give you a gift when you open an account. I have had an account with them for over 3 years. I had $24 in my account for quite a while, and logged in yesterday to see it all gone, and the balance was $0. I checked to see that I was charged a service fee of $5 every month. I mailed customer service about this. I got an email that they had replied, and I should log in to my account to check the message. But I was unable to log in. When I mailed them back from my email address, they told me that my online account was closed (closed after I asked them why my account balance was $0). I asked them about the service charges and they said since I haven't made any transactions in the last 18 months, they were charging this. That is rubbish according to me, and they refused to return me my money which I thought would be safe with them.

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