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I have purchased tires from this facility twice. .., 07-02-2009 12:37PM

By: J. Menchini

I have purchased tires from this facility twice. Both times the service was far above what I expected. The staff knew what they were doing and they were friendly and fast. I will visit this store again when I am in Rolla.

I had a nice inspection of my sons car, very thoro.., 11-03-2008 07:35AM

By: Craig crawford

I had a nice inspection of my sons car, very thorough.
I fixed the parts that the car failed on (leaky back brake cylinder and bad tie-rod)
In fact I replaced all the wheel cylinders, master cylinder and both tie-rods to be on the safe side.
Could not get all the air out of the new brakes though.
I took it back for re-inspection and an alignment of the front end and for them to bleed the brakes too.
They called to tell me that the system was still leaking because there was fresh fluid everywhere (which of course there should be since I replaced the whole system minus the lines and booster!)
I was then told that they would have to take the brake system apart to find the air since they didn't realize it was all new parts, so the 20 bucks to bleed the lines was going to cost me 55 bucks an hour.
I said no and was told that the car would then NOT pass re-inspection because the brake pedal had more than an inch of travel.
so it seemed like a "have us fix it or no pass" kinda thing.
Looked up the MO laws and rules for re inspection and it says ONLY the parts that failed need be re-inspected.
Parts are "BRAND NEW" but I am left with my yellow copy.
Very dissapointed and will not shop there again and will get my inspection elsewhere.

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