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We took our atv in for repairs. The shut off had b.., 04-25-2012 06:10PM

By: mrs m

We took our atv in for repairs. The shut off had broken. Almost a month and hundreds of dollars later, drove it for about 10 hours and it stopped working again. Took it back, they said NOW it needed a new battery. Less than 5 miles later, shut off not working again. Took it back in...NOW it needed the shut off replaced, a new fan, radiator repaired and would cost another $150. Notice I said NEW FAN? They put in a used one....then we get a phone call that the head gasket is now blown!! OMG!!! It sounded awful. The service manager, with a very sad look on his face, told us he would do us a BIG favor and only charge us $500 instead of the $750 that they usually charge to replace a head gasket...We called LSK of Lebanon and they charge $362 and Clear Creek of Springfield charges $324 for the same job that Stahlmans is giving us SUCH A DEAL by only charging us $500. Told them, NO WAY! They had already caused enough damage. Are you getting the picture yet? They stole my rear basket, over $200 and they didn''t put my parts back on right. They put screws in my front panel splitting the fiberglass!!! Could go on and on but bottom line is, if you want to be royally ripped off, go to Stahlmans.

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