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My experince with Kingdom Kia, what a nightmare!! .., 08-10-2012 02:09PM


My experince with Kingdom Kia, what a nightmare!! I went to Kingdom Kia to buy an used vechicle and I was looking at a Prius and a Yaris. I told the 1st girl that I only wanted to spend a certain amount and I didnt want her to waste my time, so I got a new sales person. A very aggressive sales lady... When I asked this lady how much the cars were she said: "Prius high tens and Yaris mid tens".
How can this place be an honorable business? The Yaris was a 2009, 40k miles, w 2 accidents on the FOX car report and i offered 12k. Weeks later I found out they had me approved for almost 15k for that car.
Still to this day I dont know how much those cars really costed, not that I care anymore, but Kingdom Kia has treated me poorly and it did so with 2 other soldiers I work. SO ATTENTION S O L D I E R S!!!! Kingdom Kia will not take care of your needs

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