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Buyer Beware!

Youn and inexperienced sales staff..
, 10-01-2012 07:49AM

By: Greg

Buyer Beware!

Youn and inexperienced sales staff, poor quality service, and a host of other questionable things with this place.

1) Do not surrender your trade in car keys until you have decided upon a vehicle, and you are sure you want to buy from them.
2) They want to "hold" the keys and its a subtle ploy to kind of keep you there.
3) Don't waste time with the saleman, he/she isn't a decision maker, they are a key holder/info person on the car, not the deal, not the APR, not the trade in, etc. It's essentially a waste of time talking to them.
4) Get your own financing before you come into the store, or they will take forever to get your credit ran, and then waste your time waiting on what they will offer you for your vehicle (They will under value your vehicle as best they can).
5) The saleman I had was frinedly but clueless, wrong information, and just used delaying tactics to stretch out my wait time and make me eager to buy.
6) The next guy before the closer was rude, and talked to me like I'd never bought a car before. Note: Hey genius, your lot had me sitting for several hours, low balled, wasted my time and you were rude.
7) They had a falling out with the couple in the next booth to me and the couple commendted on the same issues I had with them, and the couple walked out after having to "ask" for their keys. I listened to them and after getting the same "you're just an idiot treatment by the "middle man." I took my business elswhere.
8) I got a rude call the next day from the salesman, and he was rude, he "said - You Never Gave My Guy A Chance To Beat (Insert dealers name where I bought my new FORD) their deal. I told him they had me for almost 3 1/2 hours and they undercut my car dramatically and theat if they couldn't close in that amount of time, why should I come back? Note to that Genius - You were polite during the first part of the sale but your middle guy was rude and talked down to me. Hence, no sale. Later you were rude to me on the phone, if your guy is bsing me, why should I come back?
9) I test drove 4 cars at FORD in 2.5 hours, and walked out with a great car and no strong arm tactics. The salesman didn't follow mw around, badger me, or bs me. He was squared away.
10) If you are military in this area, I'd suggest you look elsewhere (my oppinion). I wasn't impressed in any way, shape, or form.

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