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I purchased a Kia Optima last year from Kingdom Ki.., 09-04-2013 05:58AM

By: T Wink

I purchased a Kia Optima last year from Kingdom Kia. The car is great but this was the worst car buying experience in my life. They tried to double team me with the good salesman/bad salesman routine. They held on to my trade-in car keys. They would make you sign a hand written statement every time you made an offer to bind you to a deal if the manager would agree. They drug out the process for hours. When we could not strike a deal, the salesman finally gave me back my car keys but would not shake my hand. As my wife and I walked back to our car, the salesman followed us to our car, physically blocked my car door and coaxed us back into the dealership for a "better deal". They also applied a lot of pressure about the survey that I would receive even though I explained to them that I was unhappy with their sales staff. They just wanted their 9 or 10 rating even though they did not deserve it. My business partner also purchased a truck from them. She had the same experience. She actually purchased a truck from them. They called her back to the dealership to "sign" a few more papers and they told her they could not get her the interest rate they promised. She gave them the truck back and left. She and I work with the public and car buying does come up. We tell everyone to steer clear from Kingdom Kia. If they are set on a Kia, we recommend Springfield or St. Louis Dealerships.

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