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This place is so unreliable and cheap. I went in t.., 11-05-2013 12:22PM

By: Carlee Covington

This place is so unreliable and cheap. I went in there to get my screen replaced and the next day they gave me my phone back with the home screen button not working, the volume buttons not working, the speakers not working, and several other problems that were NOT broken before I gave this place my phone to repair. The next day I go in and bring it to them wondering why all this went wrong when my screen was just cracked and broke. They then tell me it was my phone charger port that was broke and they tried to tell me it was my fault even when it was working just fine before I had given it to them to replace. Why would they give me my phone back all broken and not working right? Do they not test these things? The tech guy (Derek) Then tells me my phone didn't even pass the pre test. Ok, so why would you give me my phone back if it didn't even pass the pre test? The said nothing of this when they gave it back as well. Nevertheless, I ended up having to pay for the part even though I didn't have anything to do with the problem. When I finally got my phone back after the second time they fixed it, they didn't fix yet anyother thing on my screen. There still had been some LCD screen disfiguration that was not fixed after the second time they had repaired my phone. They then fixed my phone for the THIRD time. When I FINALLY got my phone back, not three days later I was taking my case off the phone and it cracked,.. I BARELY touched the screen with my case while taking it off and it cracked. That tells you something. CPR is obviously using very cheap and non durable product. To make matters worse, when I called and told them about the rediculous incident with my phone cracking just by taking my phone case off, they said I would have to pay for a whole new screen replacement since, "The phone didn't leave the store like that." This has been the worse experience I have ever had with any company. They were extremely rude and not even sincere when they didn't fix the phone right the first two times. In addition, I was told by (Derek) the very first time I had my phone fixed there that I would have a 3 month warranty on my phone. When I went after this whole other occurrence with my phone having so many problems messed up with them, the manager tells me they were not suppose to give me a warranty and they can't give me another one. How pathetic is this? Your employee screwed up, the least you can do is provide me with another three month warranty since they screwed up to begin with. This is the worst service I have ever had. I would not recommend this place to anyone what so ever. Do NOT go here unless you want to get completely screwed. I ended up paying over $200 at this place for repairs that they messed up on.

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