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 Unprofessional, 02-27-2018 05:39PM

By: Robin

A friend of mine purchased a laptop from here and wasn't happy with his service. Essentially, the salesman misled him about the product to secure the sale. He left a review on their facebook page. They responded rudely. A few of their quotes:

"I suggest you save up some real money...maybe mommy and daddy will pitch in a couple bucks..."

"You say honest, I say whiney and immature but guess by what your posting just spoiled."

"...I survive without you come back or posting anymore [profanity] review!"

Granted, you won't find this on their facebook page as they have since deleted the review. However, there are screenshots. Even if the customer review wasn't honest, this was not the way to handle it as a businessman or the way to treat members of the Rolla community.

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